Photo Recovery for Mac

Photo recovery for Mac easily recovers corrupted photos from different memory cards

If your favorite audio/video files get corrupted, deleted or lost somehow, you do not need to be worry for that. Because Photo recovery for Mac is right here as the best solution for it, to recover lost, deleted or corrupt videos and audio files in an easy way from different memory cards.

Wondering how? This is so, because the software supports various types of memory cards, like, SD cards, Multi Media card, Memory sticks, Compact Flash card, XD Picture card, Digital cell phones, Hard disk, Zip disk and many more like that.

Photo Recovery for Mac comes with the following features:-

  • Simple and easy to use software
  • Retrieve corrupt images stored in bmp,tiff, giff, cr2, crw, etc in three simple steps.
  • Use advanced algorithm to identify actual file size even when the drive is corrupted severely
  • Capable of recovering lost audio/video files from IDE/ ATA / SATA/ SCSI hard disk drives, CF cards, USB hard drives, Camcorders and other multimedia devices which dependas on memory cards for storing files
  • Saves your valuable time
  • Recovered files are saved to any disk accessible to the host operating system
  • Option of Preview is available

So, it does not matter from which type of memory card your precious audio/video files have been deleted or lost, they will be restored for you safely with the use of Photo recovery for Mac software. The advance scanning algorithm of the software The software also don't care about how the files have been deleted or lost, it just aims at bringing them back safely and quickly without making any changes in the data. So, you must consider Photo recovery for Mac software, any time you found that your audio/video files have been deleted,because the fully secured software is highly capable of recovering them from any type of memory cards. One can use the same software to restore formatted pictures from Olympus, Canon, Sony, Kodak, Toshiba, and several other camera models and their memory card.

In order to perform free photo recovery for Mac use the trial version of the software. Hoevever for complete recovery full version of the software is needed.

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